Money Back Guarantee

The mission of our company is to help people achieve their academic and career goals, by providing a well structured, organized and professionally written resumes, CVs and cover letters. Therefore it is our main priority to make sure that you are satisfied with the product you receive and that you get the job you want.

Very often, online and offline services claim a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which in fact, is impossible to achieve. We honestly say that our satisfaction rate is not 100% but it is pretty close to that point. Alas, no matter how hard we try, there always will be someone who is not happy with the results.

All people are different, and each one has his or her own unique requirements and expectations. Unfortunately not always we can achieve expected result from the first attempt. That is why we offer a 30 days free revision for your order if you decide it needs to be changed and/or adjusted.

Please make sure you have read our Money Back Guarantee (outlined below) and Terms of Use before you decide to make your purchase. And if you have any additional questions or clarifications, feel free to contact us anytime.

Pre Sale Money Back Guarantee

You can use our Money Back Guarantee and cancel your order any time prior to fulfilment of your order, however all refunds and cancellations should be communicated in writing using our email address: [email protected]

After Sale Money Back Guarantee

We are ready to provide you with an unlimited number of revisions within 30 days from the date of your initial purchase, if you are not satisfied with the product received, or wish to make any amendments to it. offers no refunds after the order is completed and sent to your email address. If you wish to claim for a refund through a payment system and issue a chargeback after the order is completed, holds the right to publish your order online for commercial purposes.